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North Shore

North Shore Oahu.
All times.
Vendor travel fees apply.

Turtle Bay, Sunset Beach, Alii Beach Park, Pupukea Three Tables.

Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding
Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

The North Shore is about 45 miles from Waikiki, 1.5-2 hours drive depending upon traffic and time of day.

We've used a bunch of areas on the North Shore but, nowadays, you're pretty much looking at Turtle Bay and possibly, Alii Beach Park or Sunset Beach.

There are no "secret" locations. The entire
North Shore is a high-traffic tourist destination and the beaches are always busy to sundown.

It's super busy in the late Fall and Winter surfing season, and busy in the Summer tourist season. It's pretty much busy all year round now. Traffic is not good, it's a two lane road LOL.

Our advice will always be to come to us and use a Honolulu/Waikiki or Windward location.

Simply spend the day or evening in Honolulu, hang-out, go to the beach, shop at Ala Moana, cruise Waikiki, drive around the island, have dinner in Waikiki, etc.. You're probably going to do that one day anyway. We've had many of our clients do just that.

If you do decide it's best to come to us, you'll want your ceremony to be between 10 am and before 2 pm to avoid the traffic. It gets pretty bad.

Finally, the only reason why we might agree that you should have your wedding at the North Shore or Turtle Bay is because, you've got a whole bunch of guests out there with you. We get it.

It’s really up to you. If you don't want to come to us or you've already set plans, we can go out there and make the best of it.

If you are wanting a time near or at sunset, read more here first.