A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Ko Olina

West Oahu.
10 am to sunset.
Vendor travel fees apply.
Hotel parking required and parking fees apply.

This was a vow renewal at about 11 am.
Click on image to see a few photos.

Ko Olina is a major resort area about 30 miles from Waikiki. While not as large as Waikiki or with as many hotels, the number of hotels in that small area make it just as busy.

It's about a 1 hour to 1.5+ hour drive depending upon the time of day.

The beach we use is adjacent to the Four Seasons fronting Lanikohonua Estate called "Secret Beach". See here.

Ceremonies are not allowed on any of the lagoons fronting any of the hotels i.e. Aulani, Four Seasons, Marriot Beach Club.

This was a wedding at 5 pm with an extended photo sessions. FYI: We allowed the couple to use their own pastor. Click on image to see a few photos.

Mornings are best for lighting as the light is front facing and you get more blue water and sky.

Sunset is OK but, the lighting is a harsh sidelight that can be difficult but, it's doable.

If you are wanting a time near or at sunset, read more here first.

This was a wedding at about 3 pm.
Click on image to see a few photos.

So why don't recommend Ko Olina?

Mostly, it adds significantly to your cost and considering that we have better locations both for ease of access and scenic value.

Public parking is difficult to impossible and you must provide hotel parking for our vendors and your guests (if any).

For a sunset ceremony, vendors have to leave Honolulu by 3:30 and they don't get back to Honolulu until 8 pm or later. That 5-6 hours for a simple ceremony.

The beach they call "Secret Beach" is anything but, "secret" since they built all those hotels and especially at sunset.

The walk out to the cove is a challenge for children, old folks, and the mobility challenged and we do not suggest it.

Why do we continue to offer this location?

We have clients have the necessity due to previously booked plans or can't travel to use.

FYI: As an alternative, consider Waimanalo at about 10 or 11 am or Magic Island or Portlock Beach (late Fall and Winter) if you're wanting sunset. Plan to spend some time on this side of the island, have lunch or dinner in Waikiki, whatever.