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Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Waimanalo Beach

Windward Oahu
Best - Mornings and up to 11 am.
Can go as late as 4 pm.
No sunset.
Vendor travel fees apply.

This is a beautiful 4 mile long sandy beach on Windward Oahu. It's a favorite of ours and a favorite of our clients. You will not find a more scenic beach anywhere in Hawaii!

We use a special spot along the 4 mile Waimanalo Beach between Waimanalo Beach Park and Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. It has the best beach orientation, lighting, and background geography for photography with a variety of shots unavailable at other locations. The best part is that, it's the least busy with people all around like the beach parks.

Monday to Friday morning ceremonies are best all around. Mornings are practically deserted, the lighting creates great ocean colors, and it's usually cooler.

We can go as late as 4 pm but, there's always people on the beach, it can be hotter, the sun can be in your eyes, and clouds over the mountain range can cast the entire beach in shadow but hey, it's Hawaii and it's still beautiful. Up to you.

Weekends are available in the morning at 9 am and 10 am only. The beach just gets too busy after that.

FYI: If Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Sherwood Forest, or Waimanalo Beach Park were any good or better, we'd use it! All are heavily used by the public, it's a tourist bus stop, and it's busy most days by 10 am. Plus, there's a wedding company that's there all day long, performing simultaneous ceremonies within close proximity of each other. That's just creepy to us LOL.

FYI: If you have sensitive eyes tor just just can't handle the bright beach sun, this may not be the location for you. The sand can be pretty bright is you're not used to it. Look at Waialae/Kahala or Magic Island.

FYI: Taking a taxi runs about $80.00 one way from a Waikiki hotel. You can always check the Uber price or drive a rental car (we'll give you directions) or consider our limousine service and arrive "fresh" LOL.

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