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Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu

Waimanalo Beach

Windward Oahu
Best - Mornings and up to 12 pm.
Can go as late as 4 pm.
No sunset.
Vendor travel fees apply.

This is a beautiful 4 mile long sandy beach on Windward Oahu. It's a favorite of ours and a favorite and frequent choice for our clients. You won't find a more scenic and natural looking a beach anywhere in Hawaii.

We like ceremonies at 9, 10, or 11 am and it's still good up to 2 pm. The mornings are far less busy than afternoons, the lighting creates great ocean colors, and it's usually cooler.

Afternoons, 2 pm and up to 4 pm, are still good (it's Hawaii and it's beautiful) though, there are more people on the beach, shadows are longer, it can be hotter, and the sun can be in your eyes.

Weekends are available in the morning at 9 am and 10 am only. The beach gets too busy as the day progresses.

For our small weddings under 20, we use a special spot which has the best geography for great shots with a variety of views.

The slope of the beach is just right to allow getting close to the ocean and there's rarely anyone around during the times we suggest in the morning.

For larger weddings of 25+ we use a corner of Waimanalo Beach Park. It looks good and has plenty of parking suitable for larger vehicles, and handicap access. It's not as private as our other site but, the geography and other parameters we consider make it better than any other spot along the 4 mile Waimanalo Beach.

FYI: If you have sensitive eyes tor just just can't handle the bright beach sun, this is not the location for you. It can be pretty bright with the sand when there are no clouds and there's nothing you can do to avoid it. We did have one groom wear his sunglasses during the ceremony and photos, it actually looked pretty cool :) but, it's of course better without :)

FYI: We don't use Waimanalo Bay Beach Park or Sherwood Forest because, it's not good and simply, our special spots are far better.

FYI: Taking a taxi runs about $70.00 one way. Better to take our limo service or drive on your own. We did have a couple use Uber and it cost $30 one way :)

See Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

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